Welcome to the Finance Club

The Finance Club promotes finance related activities and careers throughout the HBS community. Through events such as the Annual Finance Conference and the Days on Wall Street Trek among numerous others, we bring together members of the HBS community and professionals from Wall Street and beyond. The Club caters to students with a wide variety of finance related interests – whether it is Investment Banking, Investment Management, Venture Capital/Private Equity, or Corporate Finance.

For the 2011-2012 year, we have the following events planned:

  • 2011 Finance Conference:
    Conference that brings together high-profile panels and speakers to discuss the state of the financial world. Also features a career fair. November 12, 2011
  • Days on Wall Street Trek:
    2-Day Trek that visits the top Investment Banks in NYC - December / January 2010 timeframe
  • Investment Banking Panels:
    Student and Professional panels to help students learn about Investment Banking
  • Interview Prep:
    The Finance Club provides mock interview sessions to first year students - late January 2011